The calling of Northern paganism tradition

photoshopEver since I remember myself, I’ve been drawn to all things mysterious, all things magic. I grew up seeing lots of prophetic dreams but at that time I didn’t know that my life would take a turn to really explore all those things in practice!

The first time I really started thinking about getting myself into this unknown realm of spirituality, rituals and similar stuff, was right after the death of my dad. I foresaw it in a dream of him dying. Five days later he suddenly passed away with no physical warnings at all. At first I was terrified. I blamed myself for that because, you know, maybe I could have stopped it if I knew it beforehand? But later I understood that his death wasn’t my fault. I had just been forewarned about it happening. Since that time I knew that I had special talent, if I can say that – to look into the future.

My first call was from Tarot cards – the allure was strong. I gave in. Started studying them and slowly but surely I managed to get to know them pretty well. But then I started to feel another tradition calling – Northern paganism. I distantly knew what runes are but had never thought that I would be interested. Until one very beautiful and meaningful dream.

I was all alone in a snowy field, in the middle of a snowstorm. I saw a distant figure approaching me. It was an old but statuesque man with white hair and white beard, riding a horse. Two ravens were flying behind his back. This man put me onto his horse and took me to a cave. I wasn’t scared at all. Then he burnt some weird-looking signs on my forearm. I remember watching at them without a clue what they meant.

When  I woke up, I looked up the description of that man and found the resemblance with Odin, Northern god. I had no doubts that it was him who I saw in my dreams. I started to research runes and learning about everything I could. I was surprised to find those weird-looking signs he burnt on my forearm in the set of the runes of older futhark. You can see them in the picture above!

Dagaz – Ansuz – Sowelo 

They made perfect sense. Dagaz is a rune of a breakthrough – a new way! A new path that was opened to me. I was transformed by that dream forever. This rune is also seen as a divine light – I felt blessed with it, indeed. Ansuz as a messenger of gods – particularly – Odin, also made me understand my calling in this life. I suddenly knew in my heart that the northern tradition was certainly my way. Sowelo just confirmed it – I was given energy that was necessary for my spiritual growth in that direction.

I was in. And have never regretted my decision.

That is my story! Share yours! 🙂



  1. Lovely post! And your rune set is gorgeous! I’ve been dipping in and out of the runes for many years but have only recently felt drawn to Norse Heathenism/Paganism as a spiritual path (rather than an intellectual interest), I’ve been learning lots of wonderful things and having a blast getting to know the gods & goddesses on a more personal level. Odin remains elusive to me and I’m not sure I’m ready for him yet, but Freyr, Freyja and Thor have popped by to say hello more than once – not really sure how else to explain their appearance and presences!

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    • Freyja is my favorite goddess of all of them. But she also is very straightforward. I did a runic ritual on the solar eclipse night. I went to burn the paper with the runescript and let it go, prior asking Freyja to help me manifesting what I intended. While I was walking there with a candle, my cat (one of Freyja’s symbol) jumped on me and my hair got into fire. One strand of my hair was totally burnt. I took it as a good sign on my ritual going well. She took it as an offering and gift. I felt that powerful energy she helped put in my ritual. I am sure it will turn out as I intended to. While I have had successful runic rituals before, this one left th e most powerful and dramatic feeling afterwards that it will succeed.

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      • A gift for a gift 🙂 it sounds like your ritual was taken well!

        Many years ago a stray cat got into my home and gave birth to three kittens, she bolted out of the door so I left the kittens in a box outside of the house at night so she could come and reclaim them in peace. The next morning one was gone but two were left. She didn’t come back the next night to take them either so I adopted them and they survived against all odds. Even though I wasn’t a spiritual follower of the Norse tradition at the time, I always think of them as a gift from Freyja.


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